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| teaching Philosophy :

(5) Students are encouraged to develop their thoughts and ideas through keeping a daily sketchbook. I assign a semester long project called the “Making Collection Cycle” exposing students to processes, readings, videos, and personal journaling connections outside of the typical project cycle. (6) Students learn to multitask and manage their time wisely through multiple assignments that are presented during the same cycle. (7) Socially responsible assignments expose the students to the importance of ethical awareness in the form of a social action poster series. (8) In order for students to improve their work through an analytically rich environment there are two critique stages, first a “draft critique” and then a “final critique.” (9) By assigning projects that require the students to think and question the relationships between the personal and the universal, students are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of themselves. (10) I foster peer collaboration through group exercises based around technical skills and group assignments. (11) Cross-disciplinary experiences are created through collaborative projects like an environmental sustainability campaign that utilize a spectrum of processes involving design experimentation, sculpture, public involvement, and science. (12) Industry level classroom opportunities are created through visiting designer lectures and industry level assignments.


Overall, I approach art and design as a creative process encouraging students to explore classroom assignments allowing the possible trajectories to interlock with their individual interests. I frequently consult with contemporary teaching research including resources that investigate different teaching approaches, learning styles, and strategies as a catalyst for classroom growth. I aspire to make each classroom a collaborative atmosphere where the students develop meaningful relationships with the subject matter, their classmates, and an increased life long passion to learn.

A successful learning environment challenges preconceived ideas, reveals assumptions, raises as many questions as answers, and challenges students to become life-long learners. I guide my classes by posing questions and introducing abstract reasoning obstacles for the students to negotiate throughout the semester. When a student asks me a question– I often respond by posing a question. This technique allows students to learn through their own observations and reasoning avoiding sole dependence on a mentor to solve an idea or problem. My philosophy includes: encouraging independent thought, creating original imagery, building student confidence through self-discovery, fostering peer collaboration, creating cross-disciplinary experiences, and providing industry level classroom opportunities.


The following are universal objectives that are addressed through classroom approach and learning outcomes. (1) Art and design are collaborative processes that constantly inform each other. To be a successful designer you must passionately embrace art. (2) To achieve critical thinking and independent thought students are assigned readings and research to expose them to historical and contemporary design theory and practice. (3) Exploration is encouraged through a variety of techniques, media, and processes including technical skills using the Adobe Creative Suite to create original imagery. One project specifically investigates contemporary illustration techniques and the hybrid combination of analogue and digital. These processes emphasize the importance of photography and drawing in graphic design. (4) In order for students to build confidence through self-discovery I require multiple drafts per assignment so that students understand the importance of risk taking and that failure as an essential step toward successful growth.

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