Through open systems I create structures that embody personal and universal states of change. After the death of my brother, my work has focused around loss of integral structures and attachment systems. I use skeletal structures juxtaposed with environmental references as an oscillation of micro/personal, to macro/environmental. This direction is connected with the current state of our environment where dependent systems are degrading and destabilizing. Like remnants of lost systems left behind.


The skeletal systems reference personal loss and the human attachment system. The environment becomes the fractured structure that remains; surface and depth; outside and inside; skin and environment. Psychological spaces are transformed into physical environments creating traces of loss that display the degeneration of memory, decline of future expectations, and degradation of prior belief systems. I seek to define complex emotional spaces representing layered moments in time where the dualities of unstoppable forces meet unmovable objects. Through metaphorical juxtapositions, dissected from states of isolation and tension, abstract landscapes are created. Parts and pieces of iconic shapes play as psychological metaphors. The act of organizing these objects creates a formula for understanding.



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