A_ . breaking the system, 365 day poster project

In the Fall of 2017,  Carrie A. Dyer will start "Breaking the System", a 365 poster project.  She will be posting more soon about this project.

B_ . Piece of Day Project

In 2016, Carrie A. Dyer started the Piece of Day Project to catalog & document artistic & design practices that occur on a daily basis within her studio practice. The goal is to make something everyday and post it online. The process focuses on experiential making, abstract reasoning and experimentation with media & methods.  >Instagram

C_ . The Fl3tch3r Exhibit

Founded in 2013, The FL3tch3R Exhibit, Socially & Politically Engaged Art is an international juried exhibition. Carrie A. Dyer is a Co-Founder and the Creative Director of the Exhibit. This exhibition explores the current trends and trajectory in this field. Recent social, political, and economic uncertainty has encouraged the production of works that are not meant for mere market commodity but rather these works serve as avenues or agents for societal transformation.      >website   >Facebook

D_ . Graphic Design Collective

The Graphic Design Collective is a collaborative group of students and professionals, inspired & connected to all areas of art, design and related fields. The group is mentored by Carrie A. Dyer. The group supports multiple collaborative projects including the Art Object Benefit Project & Design Factory, a client oriented professional practice project where graphic design students work with clients. This group is focused on Collecting, Making & Risk Taking.    >website    >Instagram     >Facebook

E_ . Art Object : Benefit Project

The ART OBJECT : BENEFIT PROJECT is a collaborative project based around social responsibility & the act of making as a catalyst for positive community growth. The project aims to develop an atmosphere where students are exposed to ethical frameworks where one has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large.   >website     >Facebook

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