Carrie A. Dyer




School of the Art Institute of Chicago,

Visual Communication (Graphic Design)



East Tennessee State University,

emphasis: Graphic Design

Carrie A. Dyer is a multimedia designer, illustrator and artist currently based in the United States.  In 2002, Dyer founded Cloudwhale Design, a creative design studio with accounts across the country from New York City to Los Angeles. Dyer received 2 professional American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) awards for projects raising awareness to sustainable practices. She has been published in multiple Creative Quarterly publications, a competitive national art and design journal including Nos. 40, 42 and 47. In addition, she has received multiple American Advertising Awards that include Gold, Silver, and Bronze. She is a Co-Founder and the Creative Director for The FL3TCH3R Exhibit, an annual international juried exhibition based around socially and politically engaged art.


Dyer has exhibited in more than 50 national, and international exhibitions in United Kingdom, France, Spain, China, and throughout the United States.  In 2011, she was awarded a 2nd Place Purchase Prize at the American Impressions National Juried Exhibition. She received a Best Art Cinema-Short award in 2007 from the Southern Appalachian International Film Festival.


Dyer was selected to head two contemporary graphic design programs at the University of Central Arkansas and Kentucky School of Art at Spalding University. In addition, she was selected to write, create and build a NASAD accredited graphic design program at Augusta University as Assistant Professor of Graphic Design.




CARRIE A. DYER is Founder of CLOUDWHALE DESIGN, a creative design studio that focuses on innovative inter-media collaborations of Design, Illustration &

Fine art. She is also a teacher working and living in the United States. In addition she is Founder of the Graphic design Collective, an art and design critique collective that addresses design literacy & projects based around social responsibility. Dyer is Co-Founder of The FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT, an international social and politically engaged juried exhibition.

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