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Carrie A. Dyer is an award winning designer who has worked with clients across the united states. She has professional design degrees including an MFA & A BFA from the school of the art institute of chicago & East Tennessee State University.


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Graphic design is a complex visual language that pushes the boundaries of art, cultural awareness, communication, and integrity. Being a designer comes with immense ethical and moral responsibility where embracing a cause can promote positive cultural change or can shatter productive systems. A successful graphic designer’s knowledge transcends the act of merely balancing a composition using color, light, scale, tension, space, typography, and hierarchy. More importantly, contemporary graphic design has the power to persuade, stretch the imagination, evoke specific emotions, generate complex intellectual responses, and establish belief systems when the designer understands how to apply intricate conceptual devices. The most successful graphic designers possess a wide range of knowledge and understand that creativity is directly connected to failure and risk taking. These concepts touch the daily processes I undertake as a designer. For this reason, through the mixture of different hybrid, analogue, and digital processes including, digital collage, drawing, illustration, photography, 3D photography, surface manipulation, transparency, xerox transfer, painting, construction, and video; my work emphasizes the dimensions of emotional texture we experience on a daily basis. At the heart of my process as a designer is the importance of generating imagery from scratch where I embrace art and design as collaborative processes that constantly inform each other.






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