is Founder of CLOUDWHALE, a creative design studio that embraces innovative cross-media intersections of Design, Illustration &

Fine art. Dyer is also a

graphic design Professor

& Founder of the

Graphic Design Collective, an art & design critique collective, that addresses design literacy & projects surrounding social responsibility. Dyer is committed to social practices that embody creativity & innovation. Dyer is a

Co-Founder &

Creative Director of

The FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT, an annual international socially & politically engaged exhibition.

As technological systems are zigging & zagging the

design field is rapidly changing. Designers have to evolve to understand these shifts but the underlying structure & essence of design is stronger than ever. Designers play the vital role in the moving landscape. Design Curricula is expanding swiftly to acknowledge these shifting paradigms. As a creative designer, I seek outlets that challenge expression, authorship, & communication to make the

world a better place.

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